Design once and get paid and then paid again…and again…and again. This is the year you transform your designs into a steady stream of passive income. 

Design & Sell Showit Website Templates

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Ready to build stunning Showit website templates that actually sell?

    If these hit home, the next few paragraphs will be well worth the read 👀

    (Hint: It’s a secret we wish we’d known this sooner.)

    Does this sound familiar…?

    You are so busy responding to client requests, that you don’t have any time (or energy) left to do what you love: create.

    You log countless hours, but the checks can’t come in fast enough for the rising cost of living (groceries anyone?) 

     You want to scale your business but don’t have any more hours in the day to give. You need something easy, low-risk, and high return. 

      Custom design is a fun challenge… Helping clients one-on-one is fulfilling.

      but here's the reality:

      … and we got tired of trading time that we could be spending with kids, connecting with each other, or working on our business instead of working in our business.

      We wanted to figure out a way we could increase our impact on our business and our family.

      Enter: Showit Website Templates.

      Take it from someone who has sold 

      5,000+ Showit Website Templates.

      Deliver elegant work that business owners crave (and pay big bucks for). All while hanging out with the best crew, the Showit Designer Community. Did we mention their last retreat included an axe-throwing competition? And that Davey won? It’s a wild crowd.

      Get your evenings back, finally have time to breathe, and do what you do best…DESIGN. 

      Design stunning websites that bring home a paycheck…and another paycheck…and another.

      HOWEVER – Showit is designed for creatives who want to skip the coding and simply DESIGN. Showit is drag-and-drop. Easy. Simple. Fun. < is that allowed?

      Somewhere between ‘Passive’ and ‘Income’ you realize…

      You are already qualified to build Showit Website Templates. You are creative and you are HERE. Say no more! 

      That is all you need to begin this business venture. Period. 

      Like we were when we started this journey, you’re probably looking to…

      Yeah, we know what you’re thinking…

      If you ever were to design website templates, Showit is the dream platform and we’ll show you the ropes.

      Jess ALONSO

       I also really loved being able to look over her shoulder as she chose design inspiration and created a mockup. Listening in as she made design decisions actually helped me feel like less of an imposter. I'm self-taught and found myself having the same trains of thought as Krista. I didn't expect to find self-confidence while taking this course but I found it!

      “Krista gives you ALL the knowledge and then lets you decide...”


      After building a successful photography business and launching the Rising Tide Society, one of the largest communities for creatives in the world, we jumped into the world of Showit website template design. 

      We’ll never forget the first template we designed. We had zero experience and no clue how to begin.

      Fast forward to where we are now– Showit designers, with a seven-figure business as a result of template sales. As one of Showit’s top designers, we’ve sold 5,000+ templates and have been fortunate enough to be named Showit’s Designer of the Year. 

      We share this only to reinforce that ANYONE can be a Showit designer. We started at square one. 

      But nothing will change if you don’t take the first step. 
      We’ve taken everything we’ve learned–each tool, tip, strategy, and resource–and packed it into this DK Designer Course. We want to save you the potholes and teach you how to drive in the fast lane. Start the journey today!

      Award-winning Showit Designers in Lexington Virginia (aka your guides)

      we're davey & krista

      Have you ever clicked through someone’s website & thought…
      “Wait…I could totally make this look better!” 

      If you’ve listened to our Brands That Book podcast, you know we are not about quick fixes or overnight success. We emphasize consistency and intentionality in all business ventures. 

      We also value a loyal community over “going viral.” Why? Loyal community leads to client conversions. 

      Building and Selling Showit Website Templates is an opportunity to create something evergreen. It’s not a get-rich-quick hack. It’s a simple strategy of putting your creative energy where it will multiply the results on repeat. 

      That’s how we’ve made 7 figures in Showit template sales and sold 5,000+ templates…you can do the same. 

      Multiply Your Creative Energy?

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